About ECS Distribution

ECS Distribution serves the U.S. with education support and product ordering. We carry a full inventory of the highest quality hemp extract products from the nation's most trusted manufacturers.

We work exclusively with qualified pharmacies, doctors, and health-focused retailers. Businesses interested in learning more about the evolution of hemp law, which products are both consistent and clean, and guidelines for product safety are encouraged to contact us.


We offer a unique set of products from a short list of manufacturers. Our primary focus is to ensure businesses have the opportunity to learn which questions to ask when evaluating today's crowded hemp extract market. Growing conditions, hemp variety (cultivar), transparency of operation, consistency of product, and philanthropy all matter when choosing the right CBD/hemp products.


A portion of all ECS Distribution sales are donated to the Realm of Caring Foundation.


The Realm of Caring Foundation has created the strictest list of quality standards in the hemp industry. ECS Distribution relies on the Realm of Caring to ensure people have access to manufacturers' products with quality controls in place to ensure a consistent profile of cannabinoids from batch to batch, year after year.


The Realm of Caring has partnerships with Harvard Medical, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Pennsylvania to study the efficacy of cannabinoids for various conditions. The non-profit also subsidizes and supports people with severe neurological conditions. Additionally, the foundation does year-round auditing of a few hemp product manufacturers to ensure patients have access to clean and consistent full spectrum products.


We offer in-office and personalized staff training to partner pharmacies, doctors, and qualified retailers in these states:

• North Carolina

• South Carolina

• Tennessee

• Kentucky

• Georgia

• Alabama

• Virginia

• Florida

• Ohio

• Indiana

• Illinois

• Michigan


We also support and ship products to pharmacies, medical practices, and retailers outside this region. In this case, we offer remote staff training via phone and teleconference.


We offer same-day shipping and carry a full line of products from all manufacturers.


Our team will be happy to discuss your business model, visit your office/store, and offer employee training as part of our basic services. We appreciate the opportunity to work with all health-focuses business. Please reach out to us early and often.

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