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About ECS Distribution



ECS Distribution is a leading B2B wholesale distributor of hemp-sourced cannabinoid-rich products. We work with pharmacies, medical practitioners, and health-focused retailers by determining which trusted brands and product formulations are best suited for their patients and customers. ECS provides cannabinoid therapeutics education to healthcare professionals, and supports those decisions with a diverse portfolio of trusted cannabinoid brands.


Our vision at ECS Distribution is to guide the cannabis industry’s development by providing both trusted products and accurate information about cannabinoid science & therapeutics. We have fostered strong partnerships with renowned research institutions, including the Realm of Caring Foundation, Harvard Medical, and Johns Hopkins University. We envision a future where cannabinoid and terpene formulations promote a better quality of life for everyone involved.


The company was established in January, 2016 when federal laws had changed such that state-to-state transport of hemp products had become legal for the first time in decades. Founded by Jon Kennedy, a long-time advocate for sensible cannabis laws, our company became a vehicle for creating professional discussions about the role cannabinoids can play in health maintenance and recovery. Jon was named High Times Freedom Fighter of the Month in January 2013 for his work as an executive with NORML of North Carolina. He also received masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Cannabinoid Pharmacology from Georgia Tech and the University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy, respectively. 

The ECS Distribution team is comprised of dedicated Account Executives and a Shipping team. Our Account Executives provide the personalized business support that ECS Distribution is known for. They are knowledgeable about all the brands and hundreds of products ECS carries and why these brands made the short list of qualified products. Our Shipping Team ensures all orders are processed the day they are received and ship within 24 hours.


ECS Distribution operates as a dedicated B2B wholesale distributor of premium hemp-extract products that have quality controls in place to ensure a consistent profile of cannabinoids and terpenes from batch to batch, year after year. In turn, ECS Distribution primarily carries national brands that have the infrastructure necessary for maintaining these high standards. ECS Distribution also provides all hemp-sourced brands that have received the Realm of Caring Foundation’s Quality Seal


ECS Distribution is an education-based distributorship. In addition to providing clean and consistent cannabinoid products (wholesale only), our Account Executives ensure each partner retailer has a cannabinoid expert on staff. We offer training in all pertinent subject matters including: law, regulations, cannabinoid pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, product selection, patient dosing plans, and compliance. The goal is to ensure each retailer takes an evidence-based data-driven approach to supporting their community with knowledge, empathy, and an assortment of trustworthy cannabinoid brands.


  • ECS Distribution ships to all 50 States

  • Same Day Shipping

  • Free Shipping (On orders over $500 and to all Independent Pharmacies)

  • Drop-Shipping Available

  • No order minimums 

  • No case quantity requirements

  • 90-day Buyback 

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Customized Patient Cannabinoid Dosing Guides

  • Multiple Ways to Order

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