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ECS Distribution Resources

Tracking Journal

Download and print this cannabinoid intake and effectiveness journal to track how CBD-rich hemp extracts are affecting you or your patient. Keeping record and consistently taking the products are key to finding your optimal serving size.

We offer high-quality printed versions to your business for free. Please just ask.

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Download these social media images from our shared Google Drive to boost your advertising. 

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Concentration Guides

Compare product pricing and CBD content from one manufacturer to the next. Since there are no established standards for reporting cannabinoid content in the hemp industry today, we have provided these product comparison sheets to make the evaluation easier.


The following guides are useful for retailers looking to compare "apples to apples" when discussing multiple product lines on their shelves. Download each PDF to understand the content of each product.

Certificates of Analysis

A certificate of analysis (COA) is a document from a respected third-party lab which indicates that the product meets its product specifications. COAs should always be from ISO-17025 certified labs to ensure they are qualified to test and accurately report the presence of toxins and multiple cannabinoids (like CBD). The CoA includes test results for each individual batch of a product.  If a hemp extract manufacturer does not have a CoA that test for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, mold, bacteria, and industrial solvents, the product should be assumed to be toxic.


All of ECS Distribution's manufacturer's products contain CoAs that can be viewed in their respective folders below. Contact your ECS Distribution representative if you are having trouble locating a specific Certificate of Analysis.


Certificates of Analysis


Certificates of Analysis


Certificates of Analysis


Certificates of Analysis


Click to view ECS Distribution's guide to Understanding Hemp Extracts and CBD Oil.

This 10 page guide covers most of the topics important to the hemp extract and CBD industry. The intended audience are healthcare practitioners, however these guides can be useful to your patients and customers too.

We offer high-quality printed versions for free.

Available in both English and Korean.