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ECS Distribution Services

Initial Consultation
Hemp-CBD products are relatively new in the United States, so ECS Distribution's team act as ambassadors to the industry. The year 2016 was the first time since WWII, hemp could be grown and shipped across state lines legally. Current federal laws prevent states from passing laws against possession and transport of all products sourced from hemp.
As the market evolves, our Account Executives are here to discuss the legal history, pertinent studies regarding the safety and efficacy of cannabinoids, and the importance of selecting clean and consistent hemp-sourced products.

We use this opportunity to learn more about your business and how products naturally rich in cannabinoids could benefit your customers and patients.

Employee Training
ECS Distribution provide webinars and in-person training at your place of business to explain and discuss the nuances of the hemp biology, regulations, and extract manufacturing processes. While the effects of consumed cannabinoids vary, knowing how to select the best cannabinoid products and develop a dosing program catered to the individual is key to ensuring we grow the industry properly.
We have several levels of employee training available that will each be tailored to your particular business model. The topics include a high level overview of cannabinoid history and heuristics, brand-specific product comparisons, and a deep dive into cannabinoid pharmacology. 


Customer Account Support
Each of our partner retailers is assigned a dedicated ECS Distribution Account Executive. Your ECS contact is dedicated to answering all hemp-related questions and assisting with order placement. Your Account Executive will contact your place of business regularly to share updates in the hemp industry and discuss product changes. We can also make periodic visits to provide training to your business's staff, so they can comfortably discuss hemp extracts with your customers. Our team goes through persistent industry and manufacturer training, so we will always support your business thoroughly and accurately. 
Medically Trained Support
While our team is well-versed in cannabinoid safety, efficacy, and important sourcing issues, sometimes you and your customers/patients may want medically-trained guidance from medical professionals. That is where the Realm of Caring Foundation comes in.


The Realm of Caring Foundation has a partnership with Harvard Medical, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Pennsylvania for ongoing human research on the efficacy of various cannabinoids. This non-profit also has the world's largest cannabis patient registry including access to extensive cannabinoid efficacy data. The Realm of Caring also has a medically trained support staff available to work directly with patients suffering from severe conditions.

We can help you decide the right time to engage the Realm of Caring Foundation's free services.

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