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EVOD Inhalation Device

The EVOD Inhalation Device is designed for use with vegetable glycerin liquid tinctures like Respira from Elixinol. Pen features include:

  • Wide-fill access (top-filling)

  • Three 1 mL top airflow vents

  • Vertical ceramic coil

  • Clear, Pyrex 0.6 mL glass chamber

  • USB cable charger

  • Slim metal case

FILLING the Device:

The device will need to be filled with clean, safe hemp extract before use.

To fill the device:

  • Separate the Mouthpiece from the Fill Chamber by unscrewing just below the Airflow Adjuster.

  • Add ten (10) drops of tincture into the clear Chamber.

  • Reinsert Mouthpiece and wick back to the Chamber.

  • Screw on snugly.

  • Wait 20 minutes with the Mouthpiece pointed up. (This step is necessary before the device's first use.)


To turn the device ON or OFF:

  • Click the device button five (5) times rapidly.

  • The light around the button will flash three times to note the device has been toggled on/off.

Changing the TEMPERATURE settings:

  • Click the device button three (3) times rapidly.

  • The light will flash one of three colors:

Red - highest temperature

White - medium temperature

Blue - lowest temperature

ECS recommends using the lowest temperature setting to ensure no cannabinoids are degraded during the heating process.

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